Friday, 27 April 2012


Our local writers group meets this lunch time in Alnwick and we're going to discuss  the very important topic of How to Write a Synopsis. I've been digging around in my files to find a one page synopsis in order to print off several copies to hand around for comment. Most of mine, it turns out, are two and tipping a few words onto the third page.
So I am reduced to selecting the only one that will fit the bill. It isn't good. I can see the faults in it now, and Heaven knows how long ago I wrote it and then forgot about it, but it will do for the exercise.
I don't find them easy to do. Perhaps I'd get more bites from agents if my synopses were better, so it is something I really ought to study. I shall report back!
Meanwhile, I'll enjoy the ride to Alnwick. After nearly a fortnight of heavy rain, the world is going to be green, green, green. That's if the fields are not flooded, flooded, flooded. The picture above was taken about a fortnight ago in the wonderful sunny weather we had at that point. It's on the fields above Hexham, looking south west, with aydon Castle a mile or so behind me.

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