Monday, 16 April 2012


Spring is here.We've had the snowdrops and daffodils, the wood anemones, primroses and violets - and now the bluebells and garlic are blooming in the woods  around us. But we still have cold nights -it was down to -2 last night. Not time yet to change the winter-weight duvet for the summer one! I wish we had  clearly defined seasons as they do in other countries where they reach a certain date and decide it's time to pack away all the winter clothes until next year. We can't do that. Even in July and August we can get days of cold rain and wind, and we need the woolly sweaters and heavy jeans. Telling people what to pack when they come to the UK is difficult!

We're going out for a meal with friends this week to the Feathers Inn here and I thought a swift look at the website might intrigue some of you. After Thursday I'll let you know how we got on!

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