Friday, 6 April 2012


Passion can be many things – anger, sorrow and grief as well as desire and I hope I’ve incorporated all of them in the book that is released today by MuseItUp
I believed the author who wrote that the lead up to a scene of passion is as important as the scene itself. So I took the time to explain that the hero of Reluctance, Jack, is still in a state of grief six months after his wife’s death when everyone confidently expects him to be “getting over it.”

The lead characters are vital in any story. It goes without saying that if the reader doesn’t like and empathise with them, then any scene of passion is going to have all the impact of a wobbly jelly hitting the kitchen floor. We need to know why the passion is erupting now, what has driven the protagonists to such a collision and what will be revealed within it.
Any good passionate scene will have a result; the plot will move and shift, perhaps in a small way, sometimes in by taking huge bounds, and there may be regrets from one or both characters. But shift they must, otherwise the plot is static. I’m hoping I’ve covered all these points, but only time and readers will tell!

Happy Easter, and Happy Reading!


BlackTulip said...

I was very intrigued by the blurb of your last book Reluctance you posted on British Romance Fiction Blog and the cover was so fantastic and extraordinary, such a work of art ! I bought the kindle format yesterday, I'm going to begin to read it tonight. I hope very much I'll like it ... I 'll keep you posted if I may - Happy Easter !

Jen Black said...

I hope you'll like it too, and yes, do keep me posted. Putting a novel out into the cold hard world is a bit like watching your nearest and dearest attempt something impossible!

Jen Black said...

Oh, and I'll pass your comments back to Nika about the cover. Muse has a lot of good covers recently.