Monday, 9 April 2012

Memes and titles

I’ve been tagged with something called the Lucky No 7 Meme.  I’m not even sure what a meme is, and it’s not in my dictionary! Still, Anita’s a good friend, so here goes.  Here's what she tells me to do:
*go to page 77 of your current WIP
*go to line 7
*copy down the next 7 lines/sentences as written and post them on your blog or website
*tag 7 other authors
*let them know they've been tagged.
The first hitch in the programme is that I haven’t got to page 77 in my current wip, so the best thing to do is go to the work I’ve spent so much time on lately doing a third edit. I’d love to give you the title, but I keep changing it. Originally I called it Endangered Queen, but soon changed that to Treason, thinking it was more exciting until someone gently suggested that as my protagonist is an Englishman, he cannot commit treason in Scotland. H’mm. How true.
So I thought long and hard and came up with The Hope of Scotland but then doubts crept in. How could that title be a good fit it with an English hero? Now the story is lurking behind King’s Business.  Any thoughts on which appeals most?
But to get to the point of the post ~ Here are my seven lines:
“Meg remained standing next to the window and did no more than raise her brows at Lennox. She would not be the first to break the silence. He closed the door behind Matho and paced slowly to her side, drew a deep breath, as if to speak, and then let it go on an explosive sigh.
She gritted her teeth. Lennox deserved to suffer. She was glad Matho had been here, glad that she had kissed him and especially glad Lennox had seen and been annoyed by it.”
Now, who shall I choose to send this on to?

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Vicky said...

I like King's Business!