Friday, 20 April 2012

Book Trailers

In case the quality isn't too good, here's the link for the video on YouTube:

I enjoy doing these book trailers far more than I do a synopsis, or even a book blurb. I think it's because there's a combination of words, pictures and sound instead of just words. and I love the fact that I can juggle all three around endlessly until I get it just as I want it.
For the story encapsulated in this book trailer, it was wonderful to be able to go out and take pictures of the actual places and buildings where the story takes place. As the pictures suggest, most were taken in high summer when everything is green and lush in the Tyne valley.

What I need to know is this: do book trailers help to promote books? Is there any evidence for or against?


J Q Rose said...

Excellent question, but I have no idea as to the answer. I wonder if studies have been done on this. Surely you tube could do that. Love your blog.

Jen Black said...

I'll have to do some research and find out! Love the sports car!