Friday, 13 April 2012


Read this article order to find out where we're all going wrong! It is very good, and I won't even try to paraphrase it because she says it all and you should read it all - yes, all the way to the end.

"Why do badly written books become bestsellers? It’s a question that banged against my consciousness as I tried to read 50 Shades of Grey, E L James’s unintentionally hilarious erotic fanfic tribute to Twilight. An ebook, it has become a self-publishing phenomenon, earning the British author an eye-watering advance from a traditional publishing house."
It's just as well that we know what we're up against when we try to get published, and sometimes I wonder if agents and publishers of the past are squirming in their graves as they see what is published these days. I would no more buy a celebrity book than I would fly to the moon - yet people are doing that these days. I hear it's the latest vacation for the super rich.
And I've told a fib, because I bought Rafa's book, and I suppose he counts as a celebrity. I was thinking more of your Katie Price-type celebrity - the ones with silicone breasts, botoxed lips and hair pieces but hardly a brain in evidence and very little to say except how to look good and keep themselves in the headlines. Maybe I'm being cruel to the KP-type celebs, and you may ask how could I know what their books are about if I've never read one. Good Question! It's prejudice, I suppose - I imagine I know what they will write about. Their actions speak louder than words, sometimes.
And - don't forget to read the Danuta Kean article!

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