Thursday, 22 March 2012


Christmas at Chatsworth
I picked this up from Facebook today: It's all about Richard Armitage wanting to get a project about Richard III off the ground, so  if you have an interest, why not pop over and have a look?

I'm working hard at the moment, picking up the strands of my current wip after doing a stint of editing on a previous wip. I found I couldn't do both at the same time even though the major characters are the same in both stories. Details got muddled and the storyline confused - and to be honest, my writing on the newest story suffered, so I concentrated on one thing at a time. Obviously I'm not one of those multi-functional females!

I watched  the final part of the She-Wolves series on tv last night and realise I've missed some very good programmes. I'll have to go back and check on I-player. Last night's story concerned the three Tudor Queens - Jane, Mary and Elizabeth.
Dr Helen Castor is an excellent narrator, but I do wish someone would tell the camera man not to sink to his knees so the camera is staring up the nose of the person speaking. It results in an unflattering angle and gives the narrator a haughty, unkind look. But then I have lots of pet hates about tv camera work and I won't bore you with how I hate jiggling cameras, whirling around people, glaring into their faces as they drive and talk - bound to be a bad thing, in my view.

Received my first review for Reluctance, and placed it in full on British Romance fiction blog Don't let the red notice put you off, the site is quite safe!

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