Friday, 2 March 2012


right-handed drummer
Experimented this week by putting Shadows up for Free on Amazon Kindle. I'm not too sure how it will work, but it has been interesting, and what happens next week might be even more interesting. Or it could be a great big disappointment! The first day I checked several times as 751 downloads went out from, 237 from and 7 from Germany.  Today is the last day and because the time goes by the Pacific coast time, I'll have to wait until 8am GMT tomorrow for a total number.

They say that giving away a free book is great publicity, and since I feel like a matchstick in a logjam among the vast array of publications available on Amazon, any publicity has to be good. It certainly seems easier than visiting yahoo groups and trying to talk up my books!

Left-handed drummer

If a 1000 books go out, then surely a percentage of readers will decide they like the story? I noticed 3 returns on, which made me think that at least 3 people hated it! But then I wondered, why bother to return it if the book was free anyway? Wouldn't it be easier just to delete it? Novelrank doesn't record these downloads, as they're not sales, so I'm wondering how I can check the Amazon rankings to see if I've moved up their listings. People talk of moving up the rankings, so there must be a way - another learning curve to master!

The pictures were taken in the grounds of Chatsworth House just before Christmas, when "the Halls were decked for Christmas." It was a wonderful day out, and I'll be posting  more shots over the next few posts. Barry Flanagan's statues of the drummers were large, far taller than me, and exciting. They were for sale, but we never got as far as discovering the sale price! They'd have been a trifle large for our garden....

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