Friday, 10 February 2012

Best day

Friday was the best day of our week’s skiing. A lot of the cloud dispersed and that made visibility so much better, but it was -15 degrees even in the sunshine. Heaven knows what it was in the shade, but I can tell you that the hairs inside my nose froze and my eyebrows stood to attention each time I skied down the slope. Thanks goodness there was no wind.
We found our way to the start gate of the Lauberhorn World Cup run, with the little ramp out of the hut where Bodie Miller’s American trainer seems to be locked inside so he can yell encouragement at bodie as he launches down the slope. Small kids of six and seven were pushing each other down it and generally playing the fool in the sunshine.

Hotel Regina in Wengen
We skied the first really wide part without trouble. When it narrowed and dived off down the side of the mountain we chickened out and opted to take the red run down to the little bridge and then turned sharp right to ski home to Wengen. On the way we passed a party of young bucks daring each other to shuss down the black run beneath the bridge on which we stood. It looked more of a gully than a ski run, and we were quite happy to be up above and looking down, for there were no escape routes. Get it wrong, and they’d be going down the mountain on their noses.
In our hotel we had a gentleman of 78 who was still skiing, and lively company in the lounge after dinner. He was travelling alone, because his "wife’s knees had gone" (no longer allowed her to ski), and I hope we’re still skiing when we’re his age. We had a few extra drinks that night, since we knew we had to be up at 5am to get the train by 6.05am and the result was we slept like logs.

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