Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Twitter type woes

Have you ever wondered how successful your blog is? If anyone every reads it? There's a link that grades your website or blog here:

Naworth, sw corner of the present day garden
PR is a huge part of an aspiring author's life these days, and can easily take up more time than actually writing if you subscrbe to Twitter and Facebook and the many other things that I've heard of in a vague sort of way but haven't investigated because if I did I'd never get any writing done. And I don't have a full-time (nor even a part time) job to absorb most of my waking hours! Pity the poor writer who does.
Is it really necessary? Must I understand RSS Graffiti, Bebo and Good Reads to be a success? I gave up on MySpace a long time ago, but it seems there a many others springing up to take its place. Sometimes Facebook is fun, and its a good way of keeping in touch with other writers. I enjoy doing my blog. But that's it for me. If my stories aren't good enough to stand on their own two flat little feet, then so be it.


Dr. Laurence Brown said...

That's really a great article I have read today morning.

Susan C. said...

For those of us who are shy and/or live in remote spots, it's at least a good alternative for publicity. Only thing is, it's just as hard for me to be gregarious online as offline!

Jen Black said...

I feel the same way, Susan. So hard to get the tone just right, too!