Monday, 26 September 2011

Another life?

Shiny new Viking helmet
It may have been a Roman soldier during an event day at Wallington showing the schoolkids how to fight with a quarter staff. Or it may have been a day when a Viking Warrior was stalking the grassy sward. I really can't remember, and it isn't that important. It might even be me, visible in the reflection, taking the photograph of the shiny helmet. Sometimes these events promise more than they deliver, and both these days were of that kind. Maybe only kids were supposed to be there. It was during the school holidays, after all.

It struck me last week that I have two books, once published by Quaestor, but  no longer available unless there are a few copies still floating around on Amazon and the like. I should do something with them. I have the rights back. So I'm investigating Kindle Direct Publishing, and currently tieing myself in knots trying to unscramble the formatting on the only document I have. It is a valuable lesson - I wish I'd kept a clean Word Document copy for just such an eventuality. It probably seems a bit like death-wishing your precious work, but these things happen. Publishing companies go to the wall with astonishing regularity these days. It's as well to be prepared.

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