Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Rain, rain and an interview

The farmers must be delighted with all the rain we having here in the Dordogne, but I'm tired of it now. I came to France for sunshine ...

We've had a little sunshine this morning, but as I look out of the window I see dark grey clouds drifting in from the west. The rain comes from the Bay of Biscay, drifts east, dumps the lot exactly where we are, and drifts on east. The next day, you can almost bet on it that those self same clouds will halt, drift west and dump again, exactly where we are.

Perhaps I'm getting cynical about the weather! There has been one good thing to cheer me up this morning - my interview is up on the RNA Blog.
Here's the link -

I tried really hard to make it interesting, so let me know what you think!

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Cathie Dunn said...

Poor you! Not much of a holiday. Love the pic, though. Hope it brightens up before you head back home - to more rain!