Saturday, 23 July 2011

A French lunch

There was a hint of sunshine yesterday so we shot off into Bergerac hoping to catch it. We needed to replenish the store cupboard (for that, read fridge) but we spent a happy couple of hours wandering around the old town before we hit the new Carrefour.
We've had too much rain lately - the first pic is typical of the last fortnight.

What we'd rather have is the second pic!

We've found the food prices high this year, and it's all because of the exchange rate. A couple of years ago, there were almost two euros to the pound sterling. Now, a euro equals 94pence or very nearly 100p (a pound sterling). You can imagine that makes a difference to the food bill. There's little on the supermarche shelves less than a euro. Now a bottle of French wine at five euros is not about £2.50, but almost £5. Petrol is about the same as back home - around £1.35 - £1.39 a litre when we left. Let's hope it's not gone up again when we get back. Bearing that in mind, we find 11 euros x 2 just a little much for lunch every day when we're out and about, so we seek out a boulangerie that provides those wonderful baguettes filled with chicken and ham, cheese and salad. Poulet complet, nine inches long, in a fresh baguette at 3.50 euros - what could be better? We found ours, a seat in the thin sunshine, and ate it across the square from the restaurant advertising moules frites for seven euros. Two old Frenchmen walked by, nodded approvingly and bade us 'Bon appetit.'

Having said that, every restaurant was packed with people lunching in true French style.

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Victoria Dixon said...

I understand being tired of the rain and the high prices, but this still sounds idyllic. Better than Kansas any day! LOL Enjoy the trip and take lots of notes. :D