Sunday, 9 January 2011

Away again

Away again, this time skiing in Switzerland. Journey from England to Zermatt takes time, but is well worth it. Plane to Geneva, coach to Tasch, train to Zermatt. Electric taxi from Station to Hotel, arrived around eleven-ish. Too late for dinner, but found a beautiful platter in our room – wafer thin slices of several kinds of ham, fresh bread rolls and generous slices of cheese. We whizzed down to the bar, ordered glasses of wine and went back to enjoy our meal.
In spite of having the window open, we were still hot beneath our duvets, even in the dark of the night. The weather here is strange; in Geneva it was around 15 degrees, much warmer than back home in England. We had a slow start this morning, but once we were unpacked, breakfasted, etc, etc, we headed up the mountain on the Gornergrat train. It’s two years since I skied, and as luck would have it, we stayed on the train right up to Gornergrat, which meant I had to face the bit I hate most on the mountain in the first five minutes. A narrow trail going downhill with a wall of rock on my left, and a drop-off on the right. It’s OK until the person in front of you falls over in the middle of the track and the options are: ram the wall (painful) go off the cliff (possibly deadly) or hit the person who fell.
As it happened, someone had fallen over, but they had the sense to wriggle to the side, so I got down intact. I wobbled a bit, felt uncertain, but by the time I got to the bottom of the run at Riffleberg I felt pretty pleased with myself and had a cup of coffee to celebrate, and then scrambled onto the chair lift to do it all again but a route that avoided the hated bit!

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