Friday, 3 December 2010

Last leg

We set off for the 9.15am flight to Singapore on Sunday 28th November, not on the A380 unfortunately, and stepped out into steamy heat around 4pm. Ate in Brewerkz on Clarke’s Quay and slept well. Got up early to beat the heat and had breakfast in nearby Starbucks, then set off walking towards the Raffles Hotel. I have this fantasy of having a Singapore Sling in the Long Bar of the Raffles Hotel, and failed to achieve it yet again. We were too early for the residents of Singapore. Shops were not open at 9am, many not by 11am. We walked through the Raffles Hotel, where a wedding was taking place in the central garden, but the arcade of shops were firmly closed, and so was the Long Bar.
Foiled again.
By this time the heat was too much at 32 degrees, and we headed back to the hotel and the air conditioning with a Subway sandwich in lieu of lunch. I didn’t know Subway was begun by doctors who wanted a healthy sandwich option, but now I support it wherever I can. Peeled off my shirt, which was sticking to me, and took a cold shower and lay on the bed reading. Then the thunderstorms started. Torrential rain put paid to thoughts of going out again, and we ate in the hotel. Dh had enjoyed Nasi Goreng in Sydney, so we ordered the same thing. It was listed as a local speciality of Singapore. I enjoyed it, but my, parts of it were hot, hot, hot. Sydney obviously has a toned down version, according to dh.
Up at the crack of dawn to be at the airport for 6.30am and then the long 13 and a half hour flight back to London Heathrow. I watched Adam’s Rib – an old film with Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn in their prime. It had real dialogue instead of grunts and I enjoyed it rather more than the latest Angelina Jolie Salt. Talk about Superwoman…
Then we landed at Heathrow, discovered the snow, and the problems really began.

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