Friday, 12 November 2010


We had a side trip from Sydney to Mollymook. It's 200 odd kilometres from Sydney and is very nuch a holiday resort, but small and very pretty.

The apartment had a balcony - everywhere in Australia has balconies or decks, or both, and it overlooked the Southern Ocean. Long stretches of beautiful beach, blue waters and wonderfully warm weather to amble about in. Some of the locals were surfing and some some brave kids played about in the waves near the shore. I stuck my foot in, and was surprised at the temperature of the water. I'm so used to the cold North Sea just about taking my foot off at the ankle that this felt pleasantly warm.

The surprise of Mollymook was Bannister's. A restaurant with rooms and an infinity pool - Rick Stein's latest venture. He opened his restaurant in October 2009 and people arrive from huge distances to sample his sea-food cooking. It is a beautiful spot. We didn't eat in the posh restaurant, but sampled a sea-food pizza in the bar at the side. He certainly picked a beautiful spot on a headland with golden beaches to either side. Go, if you can.

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