Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Sunny days

It's 9am and 25 degrees already so I have the shutters
closed against the sun in the hope of keeping the
house cool.
I edited two more chapters on a hard copy while sunbathing yeserday afternoon, and I need to need to transcribe the changes very carefully to the Word document today. Then its back to reading the next chapters.
Amazingly, though this is perhaps the third if not the fourth full edit, I'm still making lots of improvements. The more experienced author will probably shake their heads at my naivety, but I am truly surprised at the amount of changes I still want to make.
They're not plot changes. More like tangled sentences to straighten, small repetitions to remove, and what SarahDuncan calls pzazz (on 12th July entry) to add in. I quite like adding pzazz. I already had some, but could do with a lot more.
As for France - all goes restfully well. An early morning walk brought me face to face with the yellow giant opposite - taller than me by a good eight inches, and just waking up to the rays of the sun. Walking to the old church of St Maurice, our quiet progress woke both alsation dogs that live in the chateau next to the church.
We've seen them on previous holidays - though seen is the wrong word - occasional glimpses through the hedge would be more appropriate -they "escort" you, barking constantly, along the road, and only a chicken-wire fence half-hidden in among the hedge keeps them in their manicured grounds. Their owners would be woken early, no doubt about it.

And just so that people don't scratch their heads over the word bolly, here's a picture of our particular bolly. You see them all over this area in varying sizes and states of repair, but always to the same design. They're made of green oak which turns silvery with age and our particular bolly has steps down the side nearest the camera leading to a lower, paved patio area where the tiny lizards love to sun bathe.

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