Friday, 4 June 2010

Summer returns

Second complete edit finished last night. Phew!
123,524 words. Definitely historical mainstream,
and multiple viewpoints.
On the whole, I'm pleased with it, although I know I can make it better yet. I'm impatient -
I want to start sending it around to see if anyone will take it, so I'll need some control in the next few days. My plan is to work hard on the first three chapters and then send out, because I'm sure I can have a third edit complete before any replies will appear.
I have a suspicion my biggest weakness is the synopsis. I don't like doing them, and I don't think I do them well. Homework time is called for!
Summer is back again. The picture of the Old Vicarage at Ovingham, just across the river, was taken in the last "summer" we had a couple of weeks ago. Since them we've had the central heating on and brought out the big duvet again. As of yesterday, it's all change once more. 21 degrees and 22 forecast for tomorrow. A trip to the gym, or a bike ride in the sunshine? Difficult to decide which form my exercise should take today, but afterwards, whichever I choose, I'll be sitting down to watch the Roland Garros tennis, men's semis, on the red button!


Sarah Callejo said...

Congratulations on finishing the edit. I'm doing it now and it's so boring. It's like reading the same book several times. Good luck with the submissions.
Sarah XX

Jen Black said...

Thanks Sarah - I have a feeling I'll need it!