Sunday, 13 June 2010

Bonello's Review

Good reviews are like gold in this competitive world, so I'm delighted to post the link for the latest I've received - click.
Julie Bonello says - "I was utterly transfixed by Till the Day Go Down, Jen Black's fantastic historical tale set in the sixteenth century. Bold, compelling and simply spellbinding, this richly woven tale liberally spiced with passion, drama and action, is a must-read for fans of meaty historical novels!"
It has so encouraged me that if I wasn't going out to lunch today, I'd be hard at the third edit of my latest wip and whipping all those awkward sentences into better shape. Still, a lovely lunch with friends beckons, so I must go and make myself presentable. I couldn't resist sharing the good news with everyone first!
The pic is of Whittle Dene, once the haunt of linen bleachers because the water was so pure. Probably still is - it's always clear unless it's in flood. We often walk there.


Linda Banche said...

Congratulations, Jen. Good reviews are always nice to have.

Jen Black said...

Trouble is they make you want more,more,more!