Tuesday, 4 May 2010


I’ve just read a book than any would-be author will enjoy. The Pretender by David Belbin is about a guy who has a talent for literary forgery. Falling foul of nasty dealers in Paris, he escapes back to London and starts working for a literary magazine, and a lot of quirky and interesting information falls into the lap of the reader as the hero slowly falls into illegal forgery. He is ‘a character with the capacity to deceive everyone, including himself.’
I enjoyed it. Including the bit where he reads the short stories that come in to the magazine and deals with the rejects: ‘I would scribble one of Tony’s stock phrases at the bottom, and then seal up the reject in the stamped, self-addressed envelope. The phrases ran from sorry, not for us (complete crap) to nearly, but not quite there yet (shows a bit of promise) to very good, but we’ve taken too much on at the moment (a writer who was perfectly competent, or better, but who Tony didn’t like).’
May is always a good time of year in England. We've shed our overcoats, the blossom is out and lambs are bouncing around the fields. I suppose those who live in warmer climes may think our weather still way too cold, but a sight like this hawthorn hedge - taller than me - makes up for a lot. and if you keep walking, you stay warm! (7,600 steps on the pedometer today.)

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Anita Davison said...

Having been in receipt of several of the 'we’ve taken too much on at the moment' rejections, thanks for the translation - oh well, keep at it. the book sounds interesting though