Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Order out of chaos

Other people's blogs can be such a rewarding place and I recommend a trip over to anita's to discover the organisational skills a writer needs. I use some of them, I suppose we all do some of them. I like little spiral notebooks, 4 inches by 3 inches which open vertically rather than horizontally. I find it much easier to write notes and read them back in this format. It fits in the smallest handbag, or a pocket, sits in the car dash pocket ~ and it really is a go anywhere pad. I'll probably end up with one for every novel I ever attempt.

I finally mastered using the Style button to highlight my chapter headings. They then come up in a separate pane at the left side of my screen, and with one click I am transported from chapter 20 to chapter 2. Great for checking or editing. It had me going for a while though; I used to end up with the whole chapter in the left pane. I soon learned to be very careful about highlighting only what I wanted. On the other hand, you could include the first lines of each scene if you wished.

I have a spreadsheet that combines chapters, word count, page numbers and one-liners as to content chapter. Having read Anita's piece I shall now try her colour chart for checking POV/character as that sounds a really good thing to do. And I'm curious to see how even-handed I've been.
Vamos Rafa - good decision to withdraw from Barcelona.

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