Friday, 23 April 2010

I do it elsewhere, so I thought it was time I promoted on my own blog for a change. So here are the links to buy my book Till the Day Go Down, and below is a short excerpt for your enjoyment.

A rip-roaring adventure set in the Borders between England and Scotland in 1543 when theft, arson and kidnapping were a way of life. Alina has two men claiming her hand at the altar rail, and neither will give way…

"Ah, Alina," he murmured. "Would that we had no iron bars between us."
His flesh hardened. If this was his last night on earth, he wanted some pleasure to beguile his thoughts. He reached both hands through the grill. Obeying some deep instinct he drew her close against the iron bars and in truth she was not reluctant, even when his hand roamed beneath her cloak, caught a ribbon and her nightgown gaped from neck to waist. His palm found the firm weight and curve of her breast and nestled around it.

Warm, silky flesh and the sound of her gasp in his ear as his fingers closed on her.
Alina choked, pulled back and met the firm resistance of his palm on her spine. Murmuring her name, he continued to caress the miracle of smooth naked flesh. Elation flashed through him as the hard stub of desire unfurled and grew beneath his fingertips. She turned easily under his hand and her breath came faster.
"Oh, Harry! I cannot bear it…"

His fingers stopped instantly.
"Not that," she said. Her gaze raked the air above them both. Perhaps the invisible Matho lurked on the wall-walk above.

Without conscious thought, his fingers moved once more. She quivered in his hands, and her head went back, rolling from side to side. Her eyes were closed. Moonlight silvered the tear that rolled down her cheek. Something closed hard and painful in Harry. He let go her spine, moved his hand up and caught the back of her head in his palm. "Alina, kiss me," he whispered.
Her eyes opened. She released him and caught hold of the bars in both hands, pulled her body hard against the iron and angled her face to meet his. Harry licked the salty tear from her skin.

Well? Does it want to make you read more? Answers on a comment box, please!

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