Saturday, 23 January 2010

Hexham Courant review

Click here to read the first review of Till the Day Go Down.
I handed a copy in to the Hexham Courant a week or two before Christmas and today was delighted to hear from friends that the review had been printed in yesterday's newspaper. I'm not sure that the reference to Catherine Cookson does any favours to either her or me, but since we are both local writers who write about our own locality, there is, I suppose, a certain resonance.
The reviewer mentions instant sexual chemistry between the hero/heroine, nicely drawn characters and praises it as told with relish and a fine read. He gives away one of the surprises of the story, but perhaps that will persuade readers to read the entire tale. I hope so!
It reminds me that I really ought to set about obtaining more reviews. It is a pity that Dear Author and the like don't do much for UK writers, tending only to go for known names. However, I could do more than I am currently doing - which is nix, nada, nothing!

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Carla said...

Congratulations on the review! I can't get the link to work - is there some problem with it?