Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Coming and going

The snow is shifting at last. As always here, once the thaw starts, it goes really fast. The snow does not hang around. Which is good. Right now, the road verges are a dirty slushy brown and most unattractive.

Finally tackled the first page and re-worked it. I think it is good; but I'll leave it a few days and then re-read it. Maybe I'll think differently by then.

I'm looking for places to stay around Stirling. Must go and look at the castle soon. Really soon, before I start the second draft. Hopefully I'll take in Tantallon on the way back. Don't believe in writing about places I've never visited.
I'm over the post Christmas blues. I didn't write for so long I thought I'd forgotten how, but now I'm back in the routine - and enjoying it. Interruptions are not good for a writer, I've discovered. Writing is like a sport - the muscle loses the skill the longer you stay away. And we all know how bad an injury is for an athlete - Rafa, for instance. People were shocked when he didn't run out on the tennis court on day one after the 3 month injury period and starting winning everything in sight again. I think he's just coming back up to something approaching normal now, and I hope he does well in the coming Grand Slam in Australia. Three months off must play havoc with muscle memory and it all needs fine tuning again. Plus which he has to learn to play somewhat differently, in order to preserve his knees - so they say. Difficult task, when so much of the reaction play is instinctive. Instinct versus brain - and a fraction of a second to play the shot. He earns his place in my history book.

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