Thursday, 14 January 2010

Buildings of interest

Corbridge has this curious building
next door to the ancient church, known variously as the Vicar's Peel
Tower or the Pele Tower.
It was a three-storey pele structure, with one room to each storey, built in the churchyard in 1318, and used as the vicarage for the adjacent church. It is built largely from sandstone taken from the Roman fortress at Corstopitum nearby. It was in use as a vicarage until the early 17th century.

Being used to Border raids from the Scots, it has its own built in defences, as you can see from the detailed shot of the roof corners. No doubt the vicar and his family ran to the roof and hurled stones and worse down on any marauders who dared to come close. Pass the hot oil, Charlie.
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