Saturday, 2 January 2010

Blue snow

Snow can be beautiful, but it can be an awful nuisance, depending how you look at it. Driving down the M6 in Cumbria on Christmas Eve I snatched this shot from the car. I have to admit it is beautiful with all those shades of blue. I took a lot more pics as we turned off to Sedbergh and drove east to Cowgill, and they'll probably turn up on here in the next few days.
But now I sit at home and see the down side. We have six inches of snow already and it is still falling. It looks as if it is melting, but come tonight sub-zero temperatures may well be with us once more. We drove through -7C as we drove home on Christmas Day, and that was at three in the afternoon.
My writing benefits. I completed a whole chapter in two bursts yesterday, and I am onto the last third of the wip. Plots are coming together as I want them, thank goodness, though there is still time for a few strands to come alive and unravel. I've just been for a walk (three days without outdoor exercise was more than enough, thank you!) and have returned feeling fresh and ready to read over the words I wrote yesterday - and strong enough to correct them if they're rubbish. Here's hoping they're not!


Anita Davison said...

I've enjoyed the snow too Jen, but I'm not sorry it has now all gone in the south. It can be very restricting, although you seem to have put it to good use.

Jen Black said...

We're still getting it, too. I shouldn't have made all those comments about the snowfall missing us out in recent years!