Sunday, 23 August 2009

Poppies and problems

The poppies bloomed at all the wrong times for me this summer - namely, when I didn't have a camera! They were shyly poking their heads up when I took this shot, but still almost a ghostly presence. Maybe next summer I'll remember to take the camera whenever I go out. I bet David Bailey never went out without one.
Summer seems to have disappeared in the last couple of days. The leaves are turning yellow and tumbling down, and the mornings have a distinct chill in the air. Lots of research notes sit in a neat file on my desk but I haven't found the right time and the internal story I want to tell. It isn't gelling together yet. Rafa lost his match to Djokovic, which is not a surprise. My stats counter and clustermap are playing silly devils this morning. Norton is telling me I need to optimize my PC - is anything going to go right today?

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