Thursday, 23 July 2009

Unnecessary words

I was confident I would not have many "unnecessary words" to take out of my finished ms. It turned out to be just over 2,000!
and it seems I have a real liking for using the word "that." "So" was popular, too. I must remember this list when I am writing from now on and save myself work.
Went to see the new Harry Potter film yesterday and have to say I was disappointed. Very slow, with little or no explanation for those who have not read the books. Perhaps the makers consider that everyone will have read them many times, but there are still a few people around who have not. I had both kinds with me - and I have read it but so long ago that details have faded.
Kyaking is one sport that doesn't appeal to me. Too wet and cold and uncomfortable. Had these two been on the river in the last few days they'd have been swept away!

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