Monday, 27 July 2009

Have Reviews changed?

A review of Far After Gold slid into my in-box this morning and I wanted to share it in spite of the fact that the holiday season means everyone is away and not reading blogs right now! You'll find the review here
"It brings the time period to life and the characters are described so vividly that you feel you get to know them as you read. This is a book that is worth reading. You get to take a wonderful trip back in time and live in the times of Vikings."

Some reviews take longer than others but are always welcome. How much effect do they have on readers' choices? There was a time when I read the reviews in the up-market newspapers every week and pushed in a few requests on Monday morning. So easy to do when I worked in the public library - and a good way of ensuring that our branch got a good selection of new fiction all through the year! But now I find that the reviews don't tempt me so much, sometimes not at all. It makes me wonder - has my taste in reading matter changed so radically over the years? Or has the type of book being written and reviewed changed instead? Or both at the same time - and heading in opposite directions?


Carla said...

The link in the main post doesn't work (the one in the sidebar is okay). I think there's a letter misplaced.
Congrats on the review!

Jen Black said...

Thanks Carla. Corrected!