Saturday, 30 May 2009


There are so many distractions this week I've done almost nothing to my resurrected writing project. First of all the weather has been almost perfect, so we've been out and about, hence the shot to the right taken in the woods around Aydon Castle. Secondly, I've been watching Roland Garros in Paris and cheering on Rafa - and there's another week to go before the final!

Thirdly, and this is the crunch, I couldn't decide how I wanted to progress my wisp (work in second project, before you frown. Perhaps it should be work as second project and therefore wasp). M&B don't want it, so I want to make it less H/h focussed and have more secondary character interest.

I'm mulling over various title changes for it. I'd like something that reflects or hints at the story line, but nothing is coming to mind yet. Yesterday, I saw the way forward storywise, and have re-drafted the first two chapters and added a prologue. I have notes for the third chapter ready to tackle, but Federer is playing today... and the weather is perfect again, and our neighbours are hosting a garden party this evening...

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