Saturday, 4 April 2009

Newcastle and dinner parties

I should have shots of daffodils and spring lambs dancing about the fields, but I've been struck by a tummy bug this week and spent 36 hours feeling miserable and lethargic for the rest of it. So while I'm on the mend now, which is just as well as I have guests this evening, it means another picture of Newcastle - this time looking underneath the Tyne Bridge. The menu for tonight (thanks to Nigella Lawson) reads: Pea soup, Ham baked in Coca-Cola, Sorbet and Gooey Chocolate Puddings.
Sounds simple enough, but let's see if I can pull it off without any hitches. I'm off to make the soup now, and all the time the scene I want to insert into KT is running through my mind. By the time I get back to the laptop, chances are I'll have forgotten it, or have it complete in my mind.
Let's hope it is the latter rather than the former!

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Anita Davison said...

I have the same problem - I'm in the middle of something intricate I cannot ditch half done and some great plotline comes into my head, but by the time I get back to the laptop the 'mood' has gone and I cannot get it back.
Very frustrating.