Wednesday, 4 February 2009

I'm bloggin' and TILL THE DAY GO DOWN

The snow has gone. Started disappearing the very next morning,
leaving us with a slippery, slidey mess and all those little red sledges are tucked away in the back of the garage once more. The forecasters are promising more on Thursday. I bet the kids are praying they're right.

I'm blogging over at Historical Novel Review this week, so make sure you pop by and leave a comment. I'll feel lonely if you don't.

Some good news - my publisher is keen to take on my Tudor story TILL THE DAY GO DOWN, so I'm very pleased about that.

I promised pictures of characters in
FAR AFTER GOLD, and you saw Flane leaning against the tree.
A tease, right?
Far too far away to really see him.
I might remedy that soon. Stick with me...

Over to the right is a picture of Emer, as she exists in my imagination.
You might have a different idea of her!

I started out doing another video trailer to put on Youtube, and then thought it would be far simpler and much quicker to post the pics on here. I don't suppose anyone will miss the video!

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