Saturday, 24 January 2009

Web site hosts and other distractions

Almost a week has slipped away without me calling in here. I have several excuses ready to hand! Good weather demanded that I go out and walk all Wednesday afternoon for we don't get that much sunshine this time of year. Came back footsore but happy. There's tennis from 8.30am relayed from Melbourne in Australia, and I'm following that via the red button technology on our new tv. I wish there was more coverage but Sky sports have bought up the contracts for many of the Grand Slams and because we do not have Sky Sports at £30 per month, we get zilch. Hence the few tournaments that are shown become important.
Social engagement on Thursday with my sister-in-law, an interview with a newspaper person and Romantic Novelists' Association on Friday and there's the week shot.

Midweek I tried to update my website and put all the new reviews on it. Spent an hour Wednesday night and when I tried to upload/publish, found I could not do it. Or rather, the web host and my PC were incommunicado. I had got used to instanteous updating, and loved it. It seems TripodLycos web host is a part of a larger company and research on Google tells me that the non-profitable parts are being shed. So that means I must find a new website host. I've been checking out new hosting sites, but I only wish I understood what all the terms mean. They could be talking double-Dutch (is that a PC remark these days? Probably not!) for all I understand them.

Life is so simple when I can spend the whole week plugging away at my next story. This week, I've got very little done.

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