Thursday, 15 January 2009


"In Far After Gold, Jen Black brings history to vivid and passionate life. The book gripped me from the very first page and drew me in. The writing is lovely, fluent, powerful and evocative. The exploration of the clash between the Viking and early Christian cultures adds layers to the conflict. But it is the characters and their love story that compels the reader’s attention.

Emer is a wonderful heroine, sympathetic and engaging. Even when she is in desperate straits she displays dignity, strength and generosity of spirit. She draws others to her through her kindness and warmth. Flane is a hero to match her, courageous and strong. The chemistry between them is scorching hot and the love story both seductive and tender. Watching these two characters change and grow throughout the book is a delight. Well-drawn secondary characters also add depth and charm to a compelling love story. This book lived on in my imagination long after I had finished it."

Nicola Cornick

As might be imagined, I was up in the air with this review.

Yesterday I found another one from the Northern Echo . This is the one in which the last line is "Don't be put off by the hippy-style book cover. All in all it's not a bad effort for a relatively new writer."


Linda Banche said...

Wonderful review. I love Nicola Cornick. Her books are on my automatic buy list. If she likes your book, you're in great company.

Jen Black said...

Thanks Linda. I think the location pulled her in to begin with as she loves the west coast. I was really pleased with her review, needless to say!

Louise said...

Jen - fabulous review for you - and how nice to be colelcting them.