Friday, 30 January 2009

The Big Day

Today is THE day! FAR AFTER GOLD is released into the big, wide world and must now sink or swim on its merits.
Strange to say, not a lot happens on publication day.

I haven't heard from my publisher, but I was most impressed that my local newspaper The Hexham Courant, came up with a feature on me on THE day! The link is here and you can read it for yourself! Three cheers for the gallant Gemma Brown who sat with me for an hour and took down everything I said in shorthand. Thanks also to the photographer whose name I never got to know but who managed to take a pleasing photo in a very short time.

Then along came a review by Carla Nayland. The same review is in two places -
Carla's blog and Historical Fiction Online. It is longer than most of the others, outlines the story and comments on the historical background, so thank you Carla.

I blogged over on Authors and Books tonight (the link is on the sidebar) - mentioned some books I enjoyed lately. Made a pleasant change from talking about myself!


Linda Banche said...

Congratulations on the big day. Sell lots!

Anita Davison said...

Congratulations Jen and the best of luck with Far After Gold. Apologies for my late comment but I was moving house- no we don't have internet yet, but the Indian Restaurant over the road has wi-fi Yay!