Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Loglines and the NJ

I mentioned on here that I joined a new group a few days ago. Now they're helping me sort out the difficult art of writing loglines. I gave my attempts on the last entry. Two members have made helpful suggestions:

Linda: Christian slave Emer, bought as a bedmate, confounds Flane, her Viking owner, when she refuses to sleep with him unless he marries her.

and Joanna: When Christian Emer is kidnapped and sold as a slave to Pagan Viking Flane, she has two options: bed him and risk physical harm from his future wife, or escape.

There was much excitement here yesterday when the Newcastle Journal rang to say they'd like to interview me about my writing. Gulp. So an appointment was made for 5.30pm and I spent the day thinking about the things I wanted to say. Promptly at 5.30 the phone rang and it was the NJ. (Silly me - I'd thought he was actually coming to the house!) I put the phone down about 6.45pm feeling elated. I only hope he made sense of it all. He has to put it all together and get his Editor to OK it for publication, but he'll let me know if and when it will go in the newspaper.

End result? I couldn't sleep! Kept waking up thinking oh I should have said...and that...I should have told him that in the end Flane has to choose between love and power, and...I should have told him that the book cover is from a photograph I took of Sandwood Bay in the far north west of Scotland...and did I mention...


Linda Banche said...

Well, congratulations on your phone interview. And you talked for over an hour, which must be a good sign, so stop second guessing yourself.
Will he let you see the interview before it goes to press?

And I like Joanna's logline, even though I wrote the other one.

Jen Black said...

Thanks! I lead such a quiet life, you know, anything gets me stirred up!
I'm keeping all the loglines and mulling them over last thing at night before I go to sleep!

Joanna Waugh said...

Congratulations on the interview, Jen! And thanks for mentioning my yahoo group. If any of your followers would like to join us, they can send a request to: Joanna_Waugh_Newsletter-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Anonymous said...

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