Sunday, 17 August 2008

Olympics and Sport

The Olympics have dominated life in this household over the last few days, mostly because we have Freeview and can select the sport we want to watch from half a dozen options. Amazing. I've enjoyed watching Rafael Nadal fight his way to the gold, and dh has watched all the rowing and cycling events. We both enjoyed Michael Johnson's comment that Phelp's tremendous haul of gold medals has to be put in perspective - If the athletes could run the 100 yards forwards, backwards and sideways, and win a medal each time, it might come close...
I can remember how handsome we girls thought Mark Spitz all those years ago, and what an astonishing talent he possessed. Numbers may well change before the end, but so far Team GB is doing good on the medal table. There have been years when we've slunk away with hardly a gong to our credit. And how things have changed for Russia now that Belaruss, Ukraine and the like have broken away. China is suddenly coming good, and with 1.2 billion people, there is certainly a big pool of potential talent there. Track events, particularly the sprints, are now dominated by black athletes. Also it seems that if you are of medium height, you need not apply for anything at all. Being small is an advantage in gymnastics, being tall is an advantage in everything else. Medium comes nowhere, except perhaps cycling and even then....
Ah, but I have enjoyed it all.

It will seem an awful long time till London 2012.

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