Saturday, 9 August 2008

A new contract!

Picture me happy!
I have just signed and returned a contract for publication with Quaestor2000!

The title in question is Far After Gold - a Viking story I finished almost two years ago. At this moment I know very little, except that the contract is for "book publication in the UK within the next 12 months."
The company is taking up a new strand of their business in publishing historicals, and while it may be a bit of a risk, it is also exciting. Perhaps soon now I'll have an Editor again! How exciting! I wonder if the title will change? I took it from an old saying : A man travels far after gold.

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Anna Lucia said...

HUGE congratulations, Jen! Fingers crossed this works out for you really well, and can't wait to read your Viking book!

Woo Hoooo!