Wednesday, 27 August 2008

The Black Bull has a face lift

This old pub in Corbridge has been given a going over recently. A couple of weeks ago workmen were causing traffic jams and chaos by knocking hell out of the building. The street is only one car width - in fact I was stood with my back pressed against the opposite wall to take the picture - and the scaffolding and the big transit van they had parked outside blocked both the pavement and the road. The local bus goes down that lane every half hour and what a dreadful squeeze that was!

But this week all was calm. Beautiful hanging baskets adorn the newly painted front and all is well. But what caught my curiosity was this - take a close look at the lintel over the door - click on the pic if you wish -
- has some American visitor carved initials in the wet plaster? And did they do it as long ago as 1755?
Anyone with a guilty conscience own up now!

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