Saturday, 26 July 2008

Something new

I intended to blog more about Save the Cat, and how it affected my writing, but I got totally sidetracked by trying to make a tiny video to go on Youtube. For someone who likes to paint, using Photoshop to adapt and edit pics is sheer heaven! The pic left is my first attempt at visualising Eba, my heroine in Dark Pool. On reflection, perhaps she does look as if she's sitting in a murky pool - but that is soon altered!
The work is hard on the eyes. I have stopped a couple of times when I realised such close detail was giving me a headache. Pity graphic artists who do this for a living, but perhaps they work on far bigger screens. I hope so!

I've got my pics ready. Now I need to discover how to use Movie Maker. It seems simple, but the pics are too close together in time, and the legend doesn't always come up on the right picture. Still, I'm getting closer all the time and it is absorbing. I've done very little writing overt the last few days.

Weatherwise the last three days have been gorgeous. Over 70 degrees F (21C), especially if you found a sheltered spot like my garden!


Alex Moore said...

Have you posted the video on YouTube yet? I'd like to see it. I heard Melinda Rucker Haynes speak last week at PNWA and she suggested doing vidlets for books, etc, using,, and I haven't check any of them out yet, but thought I'd pass it along for what it's worth.

Jen Black said...

Alex, I'm hoping to take photos at an event this weekend! It'll be up soon after that. Thanks for the hints re sites - I'll certainly check them out.