Saturday, 3 May 2008

Cornwall and cars 2

This is the Wolf Rock lighthouse where our car was parked on the open grassy slope.

Monday was busy day. We bussed into Helston, topped up dh's mobile phone as we thought we might need it in the next few days, and after lunch we set off to walk to the garage at Kynamce to see what was happening to the Honda. We went on one of the bridlepaths across the cliffs and were somewhat startled to see two riderless horses thundering towards us down the narrow, rutted lane. Fully bridled and saddled, they looked as spooked as we were and we edged by each other with some trepidation. One was a heavy boned skewbald and the other a huge gunmetal grey, both well turned out.

One mile down the track we met a limping young lady who immediately wanted to know if we'd seen any horses...another mile brought two more people and another of the horses had thrown the rider, which had spooked the second horse, which had done likewise. We never found out what had scared them so but there were a lot of helicopters chuntering around from the air sea rescue base at Culdrose, and flying pretty low, too. Perhaps they were the villains.

Anyway, got to the garage (3.9 miles!) and found the car had been loaded on something dh calls a beavertail and driven to Truro. So, all being according to plan there, we set off to walk across the Lizard Downs to join the coastal path back to Mullion. All went well until the smooth, grassy path petered out into heather and gorse, sudden bogs and hollows. Dh disappeared rather suddenly into one hollow and had to be pulled out again! We finally hit the coastal path and headed north, enjoyed the spectacular views, tried to avoid stepping on wild flowers in the grass and gradually got more and more tired and still the path went on. Mullion was not even in sight when we were overtaken by two other walkers heading in the same direction. They were being met at Windyridge Farm and they were kind enough to offer us a lift back to Mullion. I accepted gratefully. 10.6 miles over some rough country was more than enough for me!

This is Polurrian Cove, about half a mile from Mullion.

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