Monday, 12 May 2008

Back to the Grind

That's another holiday over. I re-live them on here for a while, but eventually, even that comes to an end and it's back to the grind once more. In case you want to know, when dh came back from his French escapade, we took the Honda to the garage on Thursday and it is still there. We await events, but once the car is back, cured, then the Cornish holiday is really, really over.

As for writing - though I'm tinkering and fine-tuning the last chapter of H'sD to get a gripping finale, really it is finished. It is time to start something else, and at the moment, my ideas are blurry. They need a little more time to come into focus, so meanwhile I'm tinkering about with all sorts of odd jobs such as editing my pics onto cd's - correctly labelled, and dated. I discovered I had 6 or 7 cds bearing pics and some items were endlessly duplicated, misnamed or not named at all - so they would never be found. Now, I have but 2 cds with each photo in its correct, labelled folder. I can feel my halo shining!

Another thing - I've finalised my record of submissions. I have two paper files of letters and an incomplete spreadsheet, or rather I had - now the spreadsheet is up to date and the paper files have been vastly reduced. One thing stands out like like a beacon - UK agents are not interested in taking on new authors writing historical fiction. I never got the slightest hint of interest from any of the, and believe me, I approached quite a few.

I have WsB, HsD, FAG and Shadows out on submission at the moment, and I should push the others instead of letting them just sit on my laptop. Publishers take so long to answer, some to even acknowledge that they've received my work. I should have another look at RC and decide what to do with it, since it seems People's Friend are not going to answer me. They've had a 30k version since last July without a peep out of them, so I think it is time to give up on that one. I telephoned HM&B last week about FAG. They asked for the whole ms last August and I'm still waiting to hear, but Ms Mentell promised to bring it to an editor's attention as 9 months was a very long time to wait. Almost time to bring a baby into the world!

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