Saturday, 19 April 2008

Frogspawn, Oz, Marks & Spencer, M&B

You'll all be happy to know the taddies are swimming free now but I'll wait until tomorrow for a photograph as the sun is not shining and it wouldn't be a good pic. I was going to give you another picture, but blogger seems to be unwilling to participate in the exercise right now, so all things seem to point to tomorrow.

We've had a busy few days with family visiting from Oz and I have to confess I am retail-therapied out! My daughter-in-law is as bright and breezy as ever after a day and a half's shopping whereas I am wilting badly, but I'm happy knowing that d-i-l got what she wanted and still loves Marks & Spencer. Oz is one place where M&S have yet to take over, and there seems to be no equivalent - so if any M&S managers are reading this - hey guys - you'd have quite a following in Sydney!

I sent off a partial for HD to M&B on the 16th, and received acknowledgment today. They're always very good at swift acknowledgements, but they still have my Viking story...and the months are clocking up. Jan 07 for the partial, August sent in the full ms, and still waiting. Perhaps I'd better enquire again.

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