Monday, 24 March 2008


It is Easter Weekend, and I've done very little work, so no answer yet about the titles I puzzled over a couple of days ago, but I shall get back to it soon. The weather is very cold and windy, which always drops the temperature still further. A scattering of snow arrived on Good Friday, enough to turn the lawn white, but that is all. We braved the elements for a walk that afternoon, and took ourselves out for a meal at the Keeper's Lodge at Matfen on Saturday, but otherwise, it has been very quiet.

TV has figured prominently in our lives over the last couple of days, especially since the F1 year has begun again. The first race in Melbourne was amazing as only nine cars finished out of 22! Yesterday's race at Sepang had more finishers and was rather pedestrian by comparison. Hamilton is now finding out that luck doesn't hold good for ever, and Kimi is coming on strong. Go Kimi! It was fascinating to know that the family in Oz was watching the race via a sling box connected to our television! The wonders of modern technology...

I've read Simply Magic and Simply Unforgettable by Mary Balogh. The first was excellent, but the second I thought dragged a little towards the end - but still good! One good thing about not needing much sleep is that I get a lot of reading done in the wee small hours while everyone else is asleep. Like now...

I participated in a chat day on the 21st over at eBooklove and thoroughly enjoyed it. I put up some excerpts from Dark Pool even though the book is not newly published, and they were well received. Perhaps I ought to go and do a little more about getting myself known!

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