Monday, 31 March 2008

Day out with fish'n'chips

A lucky day today! Fine weather - blue skies, sunshine and quite mild for the time of year, so off we went to the North Shields fish quay, a favourite place of ours, ordered haddock and chips at Kristian's and ate them on the sea wall.
M'mmm. Delicious.

Afterwards we walked down to the ferry terminal (where I took this, looking east towards the river mouth, just out of the picture) and poked out noses into all the nooks and crannies on the way. The ferry in question plies back and forth across the river from North Shields to South Shields, and I think we must do it one day, just for the fun of crossing the river.
On the way back I dropped in at the library, couldn't find Titles & Forms of Address and asked at the desk. They had had a clear out - but it might still be on the premises. The upshot was I bought the book for 50p, so I now have my very own copy!
I quickly checked the address for an earl's son. The eldest gets the courtesy title, of course, but the younger sons are styled Honourable with their forenames and family names and there is nothing to distinguish them from the sons of viscounts and barons - The Honourable Thomas Collins. This title is never used in speech or letter writing, but only on the envelope. A servant would announce him as Mr Tomas Collins.
Daughters of earls bear the title Lady with their Christian and family names, ie Lady Diana Spencer. In speech, the same rules apply as for the daughters of dukes and marquesses - when the full title is not used, then she will be called Lady Violet. Only extreme intimacy would allow use of the forename only.

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