Wednesday, 13 February 2008


Spring appears to be here. This is the second day when we've had cloudless blue skies and sunshine - warm enough to walk without a coat. Seems very strange this early in the year.
Yesterday we walked in Hawthorne Dene, where a stream runs down to the sea and the wooded banks are littered with snowdrops. The North Sea was calm as the proverbial millpond, and not a breath of wind.

I don't know why, but I'm suspicious of such good weather in early February. Both Bill and I have been bitten by midgies this week. If it gets too much warmer in the UK, we may see over here the huge flying bombers of insects they have in France.

We walked with Sandra, Brian and Mishka. We couldn't let the dog off the leash because she is about ready to come into season and we dare not let her mis-mate herself. There are plans for her to have a litter, but a carefully selected stud will do the task - not some ragamuffin from the local farm! There's a photo of her somewhere in archives.

As for writing, this latest wip is going like a train. I should do some work on the last one, and add more plot to the one before that, but I don't want to stop!

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