Sunday, 17 February 2008


I discovered the combination that unlocked my e-mails so I'm back in business again. I can't tell you how awful it felt without them!

Now I must get down to some serious work after all the time wasted searching passwords and user names. I'm up to chapter Fourteen in the current wip and I've decided I want to race on and get to the end. Then I shall go back to Chapter Fourteen and expand, layer, add in all the detail. Right now, though, I want to sort this couple out. I want to know exactly how they're going to get through the bad times ahead and come out triumphant.

I tend to keep my headhopping to a minimum - I only swop when a scene or a chapter changes. I know M&B allow lots of headhopping but I find it very easy to get confused when reading a story with constant hh'g. I've been reading some of the new historicals out since Christmas, and after about six titles found I wanted something different - not better, not worse, just different - and I chose Ian Rankin's first Rebus story Knots and Crosses.

Couldn't be more different! But it gave me the change I needed. And today I want to write a really good synopsis for another publisher. I looked back at my notes taken at RNA conferences and found that knowageable people differ on what makes a good synopsis. I think a good deal depends on which publisher you aim for, and the synopsis must be tailored to that particular publisher.

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