Thursday, 21 February 2008

I'm not off gallivanting again. Today has been so miserable, wet, cold and windy that I wanted to remind myself of some nice warm weather so I chose this long shot of Aphrodite's birthplace in Cyprus.

Today I finished off a revamp on Shadows and sent it off to a publisher. It is shorter than my usual stories but perhaps that is good for e-publishing. Doing it brought back more nice warm memories, this time of France in the summer months. I hope that when I write my readers get some sort of feeling for the locations. I use places I know, somewhere I've been, usually more than once - and obviously, places I like. So far I've written of Scotland, Dublin, Aydon, Banff and the Dordogne and I'd recommend all of them. I had a good time re-visiting. Now I wonder if I can work up a tale of the other places I've been? I spent nearly 8 weeks in Australia not so long ago, surely there must be something there? H'mmm. Puts on thinking cap.

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