Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Sno-Pak and Correction fluid

If I thought people wouldn't be offended, I'd swear. But you might, so I won't.

Why do I wish to swear?

Because I received a rejection today. From an Agent. Who talks of enjoying my story, but the worries of placing it in an over-crowded marketplace. I know only too well everyone wants to have a book published. I blame it on computers, I really do. If everyone had to do it in longhand, would there still be so many people attempting it? Yes, perhaps. But would they finish it? I doubt it.

I tried it; writing in longhand and dutifully typing it up in the days before electric typewriters, when Sno-Pak was the latest thing in correction fluid. It took forever. Fortunately for me, computers came in in time for me to finish it off the easy way. That book, dear reader, became Banners of Alba, and it took nigh on seventeen years from conception to publication as an e-book. Are you impressed? I doubt that, too.

But you should be!

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Brandie said...

Good for people to know.