Monday, 20 August 2007


Do you recognise this man? (Read on!)
This morning I updated my anti virus software, took care of some bank business, and organised my clutterbook. Clutterbook? I'm sure you've got one too. It's the little notebook in which I jot down every url that I think I might want to use again. I started it so long ago, way before I discovered how to use Favourites and I was reluctant to ditch it because I knew some little gems were tucked away among the stuff that was

a) obsolete and

b) of no interest now or

c) has now become a firm Favourite

So today I went through, checked them all to see if they were still live - most were, and then if I thought I might need them, I transposed them into a A-Z indexed notebook. Before you laugh, I threw a hell of a lot out. But at least now I have a fair to even chance of finding something in my new notebook. It seems I still haven't outgrown that childish love of lists, listmaking, and maybe best of all - writing in new notebooks.
Blogs are discussing actors as fictional heroes right now, so I'm anxious to have my say on this luscious topic. Ian McShane (above) is a type who figures in my fictional writing. I was impressed by his first film way back in the dim and distant past - The Wild and the Willing, perhaps, if I haven't accessed one of those fatal holes in the memory bank. There's something about the deep set of his eyes and the magical timbre of his voice. He can look like a wide boy, a loveable rogue (Lovejoy) and he isn't ideal as a base for one of the romantic gentry figures, but...he is a type I can use. Stretch him to 6 foot, give him a long stride like Charles Dance, and a decent haircut, beautiful clothes and he's just about there.
More tomorrow...

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